"Twins"   40 X 60   oil on canvas

"That El Chapo Dream Catcher!" collage print

"Brilliant and intentional, outrageous yet naive are a few ways to describe the visual artistry of Portland/ Vancouver native Mary Millar."

"Continually blurring the boundaries of low brow subject matter."

Much of Millars work involves the humorous misuse of advertising, religion, and sexuality.  With bold graphic images on large canvases to digital collage, Millar's impact is immediate.  Millar's inspired history began in Seattle as an urban art student studying design and advertising, working as a freelance graphic artist.  Immersed in the raw pop culture, her designs evolved towards irony and satire, where she found her unique style.  Millar has had many successful shows from

Portland to Laguna Beach.  

Today,  Mary Millar is in her rural Washington studio contemplating life.